Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mustard Yellow Polka Dots

One of our favorite things to do in our little quilt shop is open boxes of fabric that arrive at the door. Quite often there is a long time between the placing of an order and the receiving of it, so we never know what a particular box may hold. But there's always excitement abounding when we hear the familiar thud when one lands by the door after it is tossed by the UPS guy.

One day, in great anticipation, we opened a new shipment and gasped with horror at what we beheld. The ugliest mustard yellow polka dots we had ever seen. Yuck! We didn't order that! As it turned out, it was shipped by mistake, so our supplier said we should just keep it. Hmmmm, dare we place it on the shelves with all of our other very beautiful & carefully chosen fabrics? We decided it could go on a very back shelf, next to the wall, where we wouldn't see it much.

Then came the day when I was designing a quilt kit, and I thought "maybe, just maybe..." Amazing!! Those ugly dots were just the perfect complement to the kit. They might have even been the pull-it-all-together fabric. Next came the beach charm squares. What do you know? They were just the thing with those cute little beachy prints.

And so I come to what I love the most about quilting. A scrap of something, all by itself ugly and useless, is transformed into beauty and art when placed in a quilt. I try to keep that lesson foremost in my thoughts when life hands me an ugly scrap, and I have to find just the right spot for it in my life's quilt.

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