Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kilt Quits, I mean Quilt Kits

Are the Scotsmen revolting? Thankfully, no. At the Seaside Quilting Supplies main headquarters, we are usually each doing two or three things at once. This leaves very little room for speech processing. As a result, one of our most common unintentional phrases is “kilt quits”. The phrase never fails to make us laugh, no matter how many times it comes out that way.

We have found that many people who love to quilt, don’t have the time, confidence, or inclination to choose the many fabrics that must work together in the making of a quilt. Quilts by nature are usually made out of many different fabrics. Not only must they work with each other, they must also work with the pattern. A “serious” pattern doesn’t call for whimsical fabrics, and visa versa. Then there is the issue of borders, binding, and backing.

What then, is a kilt quit, I mean quilt kit? Our kits include the pattern, and all the fabrics for the top, borders, and bindings. Some kits include the backing, batting and a thread. These items can always be added to any kit! Kits are listed as a certain size, but most of the time this can be adjusted.

At the shop, we have the advantage of having all of the patterns and fabrics in front of us, where we can stack them up, lay them out, and visualize what the finished quilt will look like. We have many patterns that range from easy to difficult, suitable for any level quilter. And we have the world’s best photographer to shoot the finished kit so you too can visualize what the finished quilt will be!

However, we aren’t so vain as to believe that just because we liked something, you will also. Or maybe you like the top, but need a different color emphasized in the border or binding. All quilt kits are negotiable! We are thrilled to customize kits to meet your particular needs or tastes. Do you have a quilt idea in mind, but don’t see a kit that matches? Just contact us with your specifications, and we will gladly see if we can create it for you. But don’t be surprised if you catch us laughing when we answer the phone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chocolate Zen, Seaside Rose, or Topsy Turvy?

Chocolate Zen

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Chocolate Zen. Sounds like comfort and peace in one package. Where can you find such a blissful combination? Why, in quilting fabric, of course! One of the great parts of owning a quilt shop is all of the inventive fabric names the manufacturers and designers come up with. “A rose by any other name…” is not just a rose! It might be a Seaside Rose, or a Mary Rose, or a Cabbage Rose, or a Vintage Rose. They might be Sweet Roses, or even a Sweet Bed of Roses! In quilting fabric, the possibilities are endless. Or at least it seems that way when we are trying to keep up with the names, but that just adds to the fun. Does today Seem Like Old Times, or are we feeling Topsy Turvy? If you’re not quite rosey today, perhaps it’s Tulip Time. If tulips aren’t your thing, then how about a Ginger Blossom?

Some names seem designed to put you off. Who wants to sew with a Bar Code Stripe? Lot of people, apparently, given the very short time that particular print stays on the shelf. Others send you to far away places, like Empress Woo or Kyoto Gardens. Our favorite place to go is the beach, so we Flamingo Run to gather some Sandy Seashells.

What’s in a name? Just click on one you’ll find out. Our name is Seaside Quilting Supplies and we would very much like to know yours soon. Hope you have a Nouvelle Melody in your heart when you step out into the Fresh Air…