Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chocolate Zen, Seaside Rose, or Topsy Turvy?

Chocolate Zen

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Chocolate Zen. Sounds like comfort and peace in one package. Where can you find such a blissful combination? Why, in quilting fabric, of course! One of the great parts of owning a quilt shop is all of the inventive fabric names the manufacturers and designers come up with. “A rose by any other name…” is not just a rose! It might be a Seaside Rose, or a Mary Rose, or a Cabbage Rose, or a Vintage Rose. They might be Sweet Roses, or even a Sweet Bed of Roses! In quilting fabric, the possibilities are endless. Or at least it seems that way when we are trying to keep up with the names, but that just adds to the fun. Does today Seem Like Old Times, or are we feeling Topsy Turvy? If you’re not quite rosey today, perhaps it’s Tulip Time. If tulips aren’t your thing, then how about a Ginger Blossom?

Some names seem designed to put you off. Who wants to sew with a Bar Code Stripe? Lot of people, apparently, given the very short time that particular print stays on the shelf. Others send you to far away places, like Empress Woo or Kyoto Gardens. Our favorite place to go is the beach, so we Flamingo Run to gather some Sandy Seashells.

What’s in a name? Just click on one you’ll find out. Our name is Seaside Quilting Supplies and we would very much like to know yours soon. Hope you have a Nouvelle Melody in your heart when you step out into the Fresh Air…

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