Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Mania

Welcome to August! Wow, where has the summer gone? School time is coming fast, as are those Holiday gift projects. We have tons of great quick quilt kits and patterns for that special person in your life. Remember, it's not the amount of time you invest in the gift-it's the amount of love!

We had a lovely weekend. Had the service at the Church by the Birch, which is always beneficial...Spent Sat. evening at Seaside2's house with all the children and Sat morning and a little work in the shop on Sat afternoon. We do really lovely thank you gifts for our first time customers and keeping up with keeping them stocked is quite a job! But, one we enjoy.
I have been sewing a little. Seaside 2 and I put together a "beach quilt" for ourselves from some R Kaufman fabric that we fell in love with. (Nearly sold out now of course, but not quite). It was one of the few (as in only the 3rd time) times I have ever taken stock out of inventory for a personal project. DH was convinced I started the shop for a never ending supply of fabric!

Seaside2's top is done (mine is not, naturally). We did it using the All Washed Up Pattern, 5 & 10, which is I think, THE fastest top I have ever put together. It is simple, so if you are into intense layouts, this one won't be for you; but if you choose gorgeous fabrics that don't need a lot of help, this is the Perfect pattern for a really quick weekend quilt!

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