Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fabric "Notions" Part 2

Yes, welcome to our blog! You'll notice my dolphin has its mouth open - that's because Seaside1 calls me a "chatty Cathy doll" most of the time. Or she threatens to throw something at me from across the room if I don't stop singing. (How can you not like the Banana Phone song?) I think the REAL purpose of this blog is her attempt to keep me quiet by giving me other people to talk to.

All kidding aside, we are the very best of friends who are carefully wading into the business waters together. She may groan at my quilt kits with 20 fabrics in them, but she smiles when she remembers who has to cut them... Which I do gladly as long as she keeps the latte machine humming. We do have different talents, but the same love of the ocean and life and each other.

So, fire away! If we don't know the answer to a question, we will make every attempt to help you figure it out. And we LOVE special requests and challenges, as long as it doesn't remind me of a song that will cause her to throw things at me...

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