Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Snowing!

Well, not really. At least not here in Virginia. Actually it’s what we call the “dog days” of summer (which means it’s not even fit for a dog to be out…) Upper 90’s, not a drop of rain in sight, nor barely a breeze. What better time to think about snow and Christmas? Besides, it must be snowing somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, or on a very high mountaintop.

Another part of quilting that is fun: quilts take some time to finish, so you have to start way ahead of when you want them. That means we can look at, handle and sew beautiful or fun winter-y, Christmas-y fabrics now! What a nice break from the dog days outside. We have been having great fun unpacking all sorts of winter holiday fun in the shop. Seaside1 drew the line when I began my rendition of Jingle Bells, but we all know how she fails to appreciate fine musical talent, don’t we?

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