Friday, August 8, 2008


If you have visited our site, you know that we have great photographs. Especially if you go all the way to the largest blow up of the fabric. And if you have shopped with us (Thank You!) then you know what an amazing package we send. No fabric crammed into envelopes here! (yes, we can fit a lot in a flat rate envelope, but it is carefully, and beautifully packed.)

The photos are all done by my 15 yr. old son Jake. He has an amazing "eye". He just got a Nikon D80 and he has been doing some beautiful work for us. Shooting fabric is not as easy as one might think. Depending on the color and contrast of the fabric pattern, there can be many adjustments to make to have the photo turn out "true". Jake is amazing at that. We are very grateful for his beautiful work.

My youngest son, Jonny, now 13, builds our boxes for us along with his friend Aaron. They have a piece work deal with us and they frequently renegotiate their terms...Always to my shock and amazement when we are done. Jonny also has an amazing eye for fabric coordination. He put together his first quilt kit when he was just 11 (no, he doesn't quilt at all). And it sold in two days. All of his items sell really fast. We can't get him down to the shop very often, school, and TF2 keep him busy.

So, as you look at our site, just know that the photos are absolutely as "true" to the fabric colors as we can make them. And while every computer monitor is different, our photos do their best to reveal the real nature of the fabrics. We are always happy to email you a photo if you want a single shot to try and be sure if this is the piece for you.
The weekend is here and today and tomorrow will be just gorgeous here in the mid atlantic. 83 degrees today! Wow! So after a long day at work today, there will be Monk, of course (new season and all) tonight, and baseball tomorrow. Then a restful Sunday and school starts here on Monday! Then things get really busy!

Soon, it will be "shell gathering" time. We go a couple of times a year and gather so many shells to pack in your orders that DH often thinks we will need an extra truck to get them home. lol..

I keep telling him I need them for the business. But the "process" of shelling is for me. The shells are for you.

Next week, we'll work on a few quilting techniques..While the boys are in school, we can have a little "quilting shool"..

Til then, I'll be dreaming of shelling and enjoying the moments in between,

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