Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have been blog challenged of late..Didn't want to just ramble aimlessly...I realize that is the point of some blogs. But not ours!
Wanted a coherent, flowing, contribution. So, I waited, and waited, and I may still be waiting. But I am writing, nonetheless.

Today is my birthday. I am 45. I said to my husband, I suppose my life is half over (technically), but I feel like I am on the upward slope! Not that the first 45 were downhill, there was just such a learning curve in that half-how to be a great mom, a great friend, a super wife, a smart businesswoman-you know, all the hats that we women wear. So much to learn, so little time, and at a breakneck pace!

Now, although time seems to be going faster than ever, I do feel like I have learned a few things. And now, I can apply them to my world. I have learned lots of "skills" in the last 45 years. Often wondering what value they would have in my life. Some skills are now revealing their value.

Quilting and sewing for example. I learned to sew at a young age (middle school) and my mom was a seamstress. I viewed the ability to sew mainly as a utilitarian skill. One that would serve me well in the future. An economical, practical skill to have in one's toolbox. And it has been that over time.

What I have come to learn about sewing and quilting, however is-that the pleasure in this process goes far beyond utilitarianism-the quiet hum of a sewing machine, the tactile pleasure of beautifully crafted fabric in your hands, and the transformation of tiny pieces of fabric into a gift of love, are magical. Those seemingly small moments provide places in our day where we can dwell on the quiet, gentle, important things in our lives- Those we love and cherish and want to communicate those feelings to, and those we may not know at all-to whom we want to communicate that the universe cares for them (thanks to all you amazing quilters who give away your works of love to those in need of care).

Here we find ourselves in the season of giving(although for most quilters the season of giving goes on and on) with only a few days left before the "BIG GIVE". That reality can create pressure and steal the joy of the gift making and giving away from us.

So my thought for today: Make the season of giving be whenever your heart is moved to give. Do not be confined to a day or a moment. That robs both the giver and the receiver! If your projects aren't going to be finished "in time", do not relinquish the joy of creating for the stress of meeting the deadline-simply write a lovely, loving note to those you wish to bless, and create on in peace.

Happy Creating!

just as an aside-if you ever wonder where you can find our things:





Steel City Bakery said...

I like the bracelet below. Nice blog! :-)

Terri said...

Looking at the bolts of fabric brought back memories of when I worked in my parents fabric and craft shop years ago..