Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Day! Now, I am not normally a big Halloween person, but this whole month has seemed like a trick or treat festival! Between the financial upheaval in the entire world and the election frenzy reaching a crescendo~I can't wait to move forward from this month!

I hope November becomes a month of thankfulness for all the opportunities we have in this country and in the world. A thankfulness for our health, our families, and the relationships we have with those around us.

With that in mind, I am going to get out some quick and easy patterns and quilt kits and start sewing for those I love..I can't remember a time in our history when a handmade gift will mean more. These stressful days call for something comforting. There is a long list of people I would like to comfort with a quilt~even if it's just a little lap quilt to fend off the chill as we sit and watch our favorite 5 minutes of television. Most of those I love the most live far away and I cannot be with them often..But if I get out those Just Can't Cut It , 5 and 10, and some of the other quick and easy fat quarter patterns we have, I can have something that my own hands have lovingly fused together that will create a bond across the time and space that separates me from those special people in my life.

So, today I will make a list-trying to be realistic-and begin planning which fabrics and which pattern for each of those people..Wish me luck and take on my challenge to send comfort out into the world with a handmade gift of love~a quilt!


13moons said...

You're right; a handmade present would be wonderful...esp. from a loved one.

If you are just now choosing fabrics to make quilts and things for the people on your list by Christmas, I am amazed and impressed!


TheresaJ said...

Good luck! :) What a wonderful thing to do and such a lovely post.

Devin said...

Handmade gift are the best.Good luck:0)Great blog entry:0)