Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

This week will be a good one! We each need to choose for our week to be good, and then the collective will be good!

Once we have done all we can do to attend to the necessities of life-we need to enjoy that life as it is..So, I will embrace this week and make some plans for future projects. And begin work on that holiday list! Wow, is it close at hand.

We all know that there is talk of a much more conservative holiday season than we have seen in many, many years in this country. It helped me make a plan to give handmade gifts. Some will get aprons, some table runners, some lap quilts, and some will get tote bags. Unlike running to the store for a gift, these gifts will have a part of me in them. And I will have given something that can never be replaced or repurchased-time.

The creation of the gift turns out to be a gift to me if I approach it as an opportunity to give a piece of me with the gift. The project then is not a "thing" weighing me down, or hanging over me to be done; but a joy to create and produce.

It is with this attitude that I approach the creative gift giving season..So, grab your list, check out our site-we have lots of great, quick kits that will give you as much joy to create as it will to give them.

Happy Crafting~

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