Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well..another day of dismal news. I am not usually inclined to have my mental state impacted by the stock market or the news in general-but days and days have taken their toll..

So what should/could I do now to distract me from this doom and gloom snowstorm? I just want to sew. I want to make a quilt and wrap up in it and forget all of this! And I think I will. The holidays are coming and we are all going to need a little comfort after the last few months and the ones yet to come. I want my family to be able to grab their lap quilts, snuggle up, and wait for the storm to pass.

Our little shop has recently done everything we can to help in these tough times-so that we can keep sewing comfort for those we love and perhaps for those far less fortunate than some of us. Most fabrics in our shop are now only $7.50/yard! With most brick and mortar shops and even most online shops pricing fabric at $9.00-$10.00/yd-we can save you some real money at Seaside!

So go get yourself a cup of tea (spiked or, grab a notepad and browse through the shop, with the Ocean Sounds on (it'll help!) and make a plan to sew until you can't remember what made you retreat to your sewing spot! I'm gonna!

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Pfeiffer Photos said...

Quilt sounds cozy...don't be down, it's so not worth it. Create and keep those happy creative juices flowing!

Have a nice weekend!