Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good Morning! Well...It's almost here-The shopping frenzy. We have jumped in the frey.

And before the questions come-we do business at all of these locations and each shop costs us a different amount in fees and expenses-hence the differences in the specials!

Below are our specials at each shop:

Quilt Batting and Fabric Supplies on Ebay~ get FREE US shipping on orders over $100.00 and for international orders, take 10% off your $100.00 order. Allow us to send you an invoice with the correct total.

Fabrics by the Sea on US Shipping on orders over $30.00/10% off international orders! Buy 5 yds get 1 FREE and every first time customer gets a FREE gift with purchase! Or if you buy a quilt kit, get a FREE Quilters Dream craft size batting! I'll send you a correct invoice upon completion of your shopping!

Seaside Quilting Supplies
~We have lowered many of our prices yet again and we will continue to offer FREE Shipping on all US orders over $100.00 for the remainder of November and 10% off our international orders.

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