Sunday, November 9, 2014

For my treasured new Quilters (young and old)!

I thought I'd use today's blog to cover some basics for beginning quilters whether young or old.

All the different cuts of fabric can be confusing to  someone not accustomed to the "lingo".

The wide range of cuts can make putting together your first quilt much easier. So, for the beginners, here it goes.

Fat Quarters-18" X 22"

Fat Eighth-9" X 22"

Fabric Strips-2.5" x 44" (wof-width of fabric)

Skinny Strips-1.5" X 44"

Charm Squares-5" squares useful for many projects

layer cake squares-10" squares

1/8 yd = 4.5"

1/4 yd= 9"
1/2 yd=18"
3/4 yd=27"

I hope this tiny little primer on fabric cuts is helpful ;)

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