Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Fabrics and Notions

Wow! It is September 2nd and 48 degrees this am in Virginia!! Feels like fall already.

And the fabrics for fall projects are gorgeous! We have new Halloween fabrics from Northcott as well as the gorgeous winter collection-Sherri Berry Holiday!

I sure got the sewing bug! We are working on turning some great Cherry House patterns into kits with the new fabrics.
Be sure and check the website for our new items.

And once again my mind wanders to the kits and patterns realm. Seems some quilters think that a quilt pattern must be done in the colorway on the pattern! What a limitation-changing the colorways or print scales on a pattern may completely rejuvenate a long loved pattern.

We love to take a pattern and turn it around with completely different fabrics. Quilting patterns are no different from sewing patterns in that-you wouldn't only make your skirt out of the one fabric shown on the pattern-the same is true with quilts! Open your mind and you'll find "new" patterns in your favorite pattern stash.

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