Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fabric Trends

It is nearly Summer already and I find myself contemplating the never ending search for new fabrics. I have been drawn to more and more of the contemporary fabric designs of late and was beginning to think I had really grown weary of the "traditional". I was wrong.

I began to make some curtains for my soon to arrive first granddaughter's room and I had an epiphany.

Her curtains began with a modern print and something just didn't "feel" right. So I added a more traditional little flounce at the bottom and they were perfect!

I don't think I need to take the shop in just one direction with our fabric choices. We can blend the more modern and the traditional fabrics with great success. I knew that, but had somehow forgotten.

I am so grateful I was reminded!

So mix and match and create to your hearts content. Don't get caught up in just one mode!

Happy Quilting!

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