Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Time for a Batting Primer!

Time for a batting primer..To help with all the wonderful batting choices. Read on....

This photo is of the amazing Cotton Stuffing produced by my friends at Quilters Dream Batting. They do not sell directly to consumers but through quality quilt shops both online and storefront.Having used all the battings available here in the US, they are, hands down, my favorite. The quality is ALWAYS there and they have the most amazing customer support staff.

On to the useful information-I am often asked which batting to use for a given project. The choices can be overwhelming. There are cottons, polys, poly blends with cotton, silk, wool, recycled green battings, and midnight black poly battings. These days there are even battings with fusing attached to make projects super easy.

People often believe that the choices reflect the quality of the batting. With Quilters Dream Battings, this is not the case. Rather, the choices represent the weight of the lofts.

Each of the battings listed below is connected to a link on the Quilters Dream site that may have additional information you may find useful.All of the quilters dream products can be purchased on my site through this link: Quilters Dream Battings.

Options are:  Cotton  in 4 Lofts:

request-this is the thinnest loft available. This weighs about 3 oz/square yard and is 1/16" thick.

select-this is the mid loft batting. This weighs about 4 oz/square yard and is 3/32" thick.

deluxe-the loft becomes noticeably heavier here. This weighs 6 oz/square yard and is 1/8" thick.

supreme-this is the thickest of the cotton lofts and weighs 8 oz /square yard and is 3/16"thick.

Polyester Battings~ Available in 3 lofts:

request-same thickness and weight as the cotton request.
select- same thickness and weight as the cotton select.
deluxe- same thickness and weight as the cotton deluxe.

Quilters Dream Puff Batting-A fluffy light batting. This batting comes in only one weight 3.5 oz/ square yard and is 1/3" thick.

Quilters Dream Midnight Poly Batting (Black)- one loft-select and weighs 4 oz/square yard and is 3/32" thick.

Quilters Dream Angel Battings-100% flame retardant fibers-This is available in one loft~select-which is 3/32" thick and weighs 4 oz/square yard

Quilters Dream Orient (a personal favorite of mine)-this is available in only one loft-select and weighs 4 oz/square yard and is 3/32" thick.

Quilters Dream Wool(this is AMAZING wool!)-this beautiful wool weighs 3 1/2 oz/square yard and is 3/8" thick.

Quilters Dream Fusion-This wonderful product is available in an 80/20 Cotton Poly Blend and
in one loft~Select. This is a solvent free fusible batting!

Quilters Dream Green Batting-This batting sometimes strikes fear in people. (totally unnecessarily i might add ). It is made from recycled green plastic bottles and it is so soft you will be totally stunned. It is the palest of green shades and works so nicely in any project. Its weight is similar to the request

cotton, as its thickness.

Quilters Dream Blend Batting-This is a 70% cotton, 30% poly blend of fibers and is a delight to sew on. This comes in only one loft and weighs 5 oz/square yard and is 1/8" thick.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fantastic Sweet Dreams Stuffing! This product, made from luscious 100% cotton fibers is 18" wide and 120"long when unrolled. 

And so concludes today's lesson on battings :)

Happy Quilting and Sewing!


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