Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Wednesday!!! And I am nearly all done the goofy med's..Woo Hoo!

Lots of new fabrics this week..Oriental Odyssey by Northcott, Krakow by Mark Lipinski, Color Splash by Patricia Bravo, and we still have some Hoffman Challenge 2009 in stock-believe it or not..

Selling like crazy. Also lots of new patterns by Purse-O-Nalitites of Palm Beach.

This week I am working on Lily's quilt (my soon to arrive 1st granddaughter!) It is done with Beach Babes by Hoffman (we are sort of an ocean loving bunch here). Can't wait to meet her..Need to begin work on some baby clothes..Just looking for the right patterns..

Don't forget at Seaside Quilting Supplies we:

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2. will package it with tender loving care
3. will include some special treats
4. will always ship as inexpensively as possible (and we ALWAYS refund any shipping overages)
(so disregard the shipping calculator-it just can't combine things well)
5. love to do custom quilt kits! We pull together all the colors for you..You just cut and sew..

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