Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fantasic Fabric Thursday! It will be sunny and mid 60's here in VA.

Spring is finally here maybe. Well, one of our long time sites we do business on will close

So, todays focus is on finding a way to reach my loyal Auction Fabric followers in a new venue-I would love to bring them all to or

My shop chore for the day is to build lots of new fabric collections. So many of you seem to really appreciate having fabrics chosen for you that coordinate well without risking it to the computer display variations. We put the fabrics together here in the natural light of the shop and then Jake shoots them beautifully. So the colors are very true!

Feel free to have us coordinate something special for you.

Need to get back to Lilly's quilt and now I have two more special babies coming that I need to whip out something cute for..

Have a great Thursday and Visit us for your fabric needs:
Fabrics on

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